About Access Medical IPA 

Access Medical IPA is an Independent Physicians’ Association with over 30 years of experience delivering managed care to the Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica and surrounding communities.

From its inception, Access Medical IPA has focused on removing barriers to care so that physicians can focus on taking care of patients. 

Access Medical IPA was one of the first IPA’s to offer members direct access to specialists and remains committed to responding to prior authorization requests in 24 hours or less.

Access Medical IPA has highly experienced Nurse Case Managers to assist the physicians caring for members with complex medical needs assuring that the members’ needs are addressed and allowing the physicians to focus on the needs of other members assigned to their care.

Access Medical IPA has Primary Care and Specialty Physicians that are highly accomplished in their respective fields. For inpatient care members can choose either Providence St. Johns Health Center or Cedars Marina Del Rey Hospital. Providence St. Johns has received numerous awards and is nationally renowned for the Medical Care it provides. 

Access Medical IPA supports its physicians with direct member outreach and customized tools to assure that members receive needed preventive services to optimize their health. 

Access Medical IPA believes that the Annual Wellness Exam offers tremendous value in supporting member health and has developed a unique system to track all member diagnoses so they are re-evaluated each year. Access Medical IPA provides easy access to tertiary treatment centers when care is so complex that it cannot be handled by an specialist.

Access Medical IPA has earned the trust of patients and its physicians regard it as their “preferred” IPA.